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Body Work Services

Quality auto body repair is important to restore your vehicle’s appearance, value, and to prevent more serious problems like corrosion. Whether it’s dings and dents from shopping carts or rocks flung up from everyday driving conditions, Werner Auto Body can restore your vehicle to its pristine condition!

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Collision Repairs

It doesn’t matter if the damage stems from a fluke accident or another driver’s negligence, there are few things as frustrating as an auto collision. On top of any cosmetic issues, there may be damage that’s less noticeable but far more dangerous. Werner’s collision specialists will make sure you get back on the road safely!

Frame Alignment Services

Your vehicle’s frame is much like your home’s foundation – if it’s damaged, then the rest of the structure is at risk. A bent frame can happen in any number of ways: an auto accident, an improper tow, even from something as simple as hitting a curb. Our technicians are trained and equipped for frame straightening and frame-on-frame repairs for any and all vehicles!

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Wheel Alignment Services

You know how your vehicle is supposed to feel when you’re driving it. Do you notice any strange vibrations? Is it leaning to one direction? Proper wheel alignment is key not just for a pleasant drive but for the health of your tires as well. Let our technicians make sure your wheels are aligned properly, and you’re driving straight on the road!

Shocks, Struts, and Joints

These elements of your vehicle ensure your ride is smooth – even if the road isn’t. They are also an integral part of a safe drive and a healthy suspension system. If they’re worn out from age or damaged through an auto accident, our mechanics can repair or replace them so the roads won’t feel so bumpy!

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Even if your vehicle is in the best of shape, a scratched up or shoddy paint job will give the appearance that it’s a clunker. If age or accidents have chipped away at your vehicle’s paint, let the experts at Werner bring back its shine! We can match any color and make your car or truck look factory-new!

CV Boots and Shafts

Many drivers may not even know what these parts are, but they are present on all front-wheel-drive vehicles. If these components wear out, your vehicle won’t be going anywhere. Do you hear a clicking or popping noise when turning your car? This is a common indicator of a problem with the CV joint. Bring your vehicle into our shop for a thorough inspection!

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Rack & Pinion Services

Unless you only need to drive in a straight line, your vehicle’s rack and pinion is a vital part of its functionality. If you notice excessive slipping, a loose feeling in the steering wheel, or any leaking power steering fluid, have our mechanics take a look and put you back in control of your car!

Has your car seen better days?

If you’re in the market for an auto body shop that gets it done right, get in touch with the professionals at Werner Auto Body.
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